From a young girl, London had been brought up in a spiritual household. Her Mother, Grand-Mother and Aunt all showed her how to read tea leaves, crystal gaze as well as Tarot. Later on finding her natural abilities lay in Psychic Clairvoyance, and so preceded to sit in the Psychic Circles of her family and friends, as they nurtured her new found gift which only went from strength to strength, by expanding her knowledge and gift. Spending time studying in Ireland and London. As London’s family have now entered spirit they often come through as London’s spirit guides, they now help bring forth the loved ones of the client with messages and comfort.


London is truly a uniquely gifted and highly experienced psychic with over 17 years experience in the profession of Psychic Clairvoyant and Mediumship; as well as a life time of carefully nurtured knowledge of her gift to share and help those by offering specific insight and guidance in the right direction for the client.

Readings are over the telephone, no appointment necessary 07716836994

London is a trusted psychic clairvoyant and medium to people from all walks of life from all over the world, who return time and time again for her special guidance and unique gift. Her work is always in-depth, sincere and fully confidential; the reason why she has many publicly known clients. Her predictions and timings are proven to be uncannily accurate. London provides readings on all areas of life,  from Love and Relationship, Career, Family and Friends. London does not ask probing questions but welcomes if the client has specific questions they may need answered.


20 minutes: £25.00 | 30 minutes: £35.00 | Over 30 minutes: £1 per minute

Payment by credit or debit card only via Barclays Bank Terminal (approved)

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